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5 tips to get started with Bloodborne the Right Way

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Shortcuts, dodging, echoes of Bloodborne and why it does not matter to die

FromSoftware’s intense action/horror game is a must-have for PS4 owners, but it’s not easy for beginners. Bloodborne refuses to welcome you gently. He throws himself directly on you rolled chins and claws out. But do not worry, we are here. Here’s what you need to know to survive your first bloody hours in the deadly streets of Yharnam.


1. Do not worry if you die, it’s normal

From the beginning of the game, you will be trapped in a small room with a huge werewolf. Armed only with your fists and a tiny health bar, the situation seems bad for you. Accept death, it will allow you to enter into the hunter’s dream, the only safe place of the game. You will return thereafter to improve your weapons and buy objects during your trip.

2. Look for shortcuts and lanterns

  • shortcuts:

These narrow passages, ladders and back doors allow you, once found an open, to move quickly between areas.

  • lanterns

Present in each zone, these lanterns allow you to return to the hunter’s dream to stock essential equipment, fortify your weapons and restore your health. Once out, you can return to any unlocked lantern.

3. Choose your starting weapons

You will have to choose a hand-to-hand weapon from three options and a long range weapon from two options. Each hand-to-hand weapon has two forms, one adapted to unique opponents and the other to groups of enemies.

Unselected weapons will be added to the hunter’s dream shop later, but you’ll have to settle for a while. Here are the effects of the different weapons:

• Hand-to-hand Bloodborne weapons:

The hunter’s ax is slow but powerful. It quickly depletes your energy. His second form makes him a two-handed monster.

Whip cane, on the other hand, is a fast weapon that does little damage. In its cane form, you can plant it in enemies or use it as a rapier. In its whip form, it can reach several nearby enemies.

The saw-cutter is intermediate in terms of speed and damage. It opens up to take its second form, a giant flip-up knife ideal for confronting groups.

  • Long range Bloodborne weapons:

The Hunter’s Blunderbuss is powerful at close range.

The fighter gun is less powerful but more effective at long range (mainly to attract enemies).

4. Learn to dodge, rally and parry

Unlike Dark Souls, in which you can protect yourself behind your shield and play in defense, Bloodborne forces you to attack your enemies directly. Here’s what to know about fighting:

  • Watch your energy:
    When you attack, dodge or run, you empty your energy bar displayed on the screen (green bar). If it’s empty,
    you are vulnerable to attack. Calculate your shots well, put some distance between yourself and the danger when you have to catch your breath and do not be too greedy.
  • The parades and the formidable visceral response:
    You can also fight your enemies with your weapon from a distance, but your shot must be perfectly synchronized. Wait for the enemies to start an attack (they may move an arm or raise a weapon over their head, for example) and, as they are about to hit, shoot with your gun.
  • Recover your lost VPs thanks to the rallying:
    The “rallying” is a game mechanism that should not be ignored. When you take damage in Bloodborne, you can, for a short time, quickly retaliate and recover some (or even all) of your lost HP. This can save you some care items, so be sure to try it as often as you can.

5. Use pebbles to attract enemies and face them separately

Large groups of enemies roam the streets of Yharnam. If you face them, you will die quickly. You can collect pebbles from the vanquished foes or buy them from the messengers of the bowl in the hunter’s dream. Throw them on the enemies on the periphery of the group to lure them away and face them one on one.

Divide to conquer: you can also use the pistol, Molotov cocktails or even a quick shot in the back to draw enemies and split groups.

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