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After BioShock & Dishonored The Blackout Club will Realise

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In The Blackout Club, up to four players can team up as young detectives to unlock an awful secret hidden in their peaceful community. Like many of our favorite horror movies and shows involving teenagers and monsters, we love the concept of vulnerable heroes who need to join forces to survive in a terrible adventure to the unknown. Unlike movies of the genre, we give you the opportunity directly to enter the skin of the characters to elucidate the mystery with your friends.

The Blackout Club follows the adventure of a group of teens who become friends because it shares the same secret. Each of them suffers from sporadic loss of consciousness, sometimes lasting several days, and wakes up in strange places with no memory of what happened to him. But one of their friends will disappear following one of these discomforts. Nobody believes them, neither the police nor their teachers … and not even their parents. The club has no choice but to conduct its own investigation.

Together, they will find a series of clues showing the existence of a big conspiracy whose origins are perhaps supernatural. Teenagers get organized to avoid being spotted while they search for their missing friend and investigate the cause of their uncontrollable discomforts. Yet prudence will not always be enough; each teammate will have to risk his skin to film live the dark designs of his tormentors to reveal to the world their misdeeds.

Unlike most fantasy games of this kind, members of The Blackout Club do not have the strength to tackle adults directly. If you try to fight on your own, you risk terrible consequences. Remember that unity is the strength, so cooperation is essential. Your team will have to improvise to overcome challenges and will need to act collectively, relying on blitz tactics to defeat enemies with cunning.

You will have a large number of objects and skills at your disposal to customize your equipment and balance your forces within the group, whether by the attack, discretion or piracy. Do you prefer opting for brutal and noisy diversions or cleverly concealed traps? By completing more and more missions, your characters will increase the level and unlock new skills and customizations. If you manage to survive long enough, you may discover the origin of your discomforts, as well as the hidden talents that they contain.

In The Blackout Club, you can join at any time a session with friends to perform one mission or several at a time. Each mission takes place in the neighborhood of our young heroes, as well as in the strange network of underground tunnels, hidden from view.

Various procedural elements in perpetual change animate the world, including the meetings you will make, the spoils you will find and a range of objectives to accomplish to vary the pleasures from one night to another. Internally, we call this experience “horror at its door”. If you have the courage, you will have to explore a modern community that is familiar to you to discover the horrible truth that lies hidden there.

We would like to hear your first impressions of The Blackout Club and we can not wait to tell you more! Check out our teaser above and follow us on Twitter to not miss anything on Question and The Blackout Club.

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