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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: New Characters Revealed

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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle insert Jubei, Aegis, and Carmine as DLC Characters

Circular segment System Works has quite recently uncovered another arrangement of playable characters that will join BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle as DLC characters. They are Jubei, the fan-most loved BlazBlue character who was as of late made playable in BlazBlue CentralFiction as DLC, Aegis (otherwise called Aigis), the exceedingly mainstream Persona 3 character who additionally showed up in Persona 4 Arena, and Carmine from the Under Night In-Birth arrangement.

These three characters will be gathered in Cross Tag Character Pack 2. Dissimilar to the main pack which includes Platinum, Orie, and Kanji and will be incidentally free for the initial two weeks, this second pack will require a different buy.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will be sold at a retail cost of $49.99 USD, and here are the subtle elements on the computerized and DLC estimating for the game as posted by Arc System Works:

Deluxe Digital Edition of the game, featuring the base game and the Cross Tag Character Collection will be released for $69.99.

Cross Tag Character Collection, which includes all 6 Character Packs, will be available to players for $19.99
Each individual Cross Tag Character Pack will be available for $4.99 upon launch and will include three characters each.

Cross Tag Character Pack 1 was previously revealed and contains three new fighters joining the roster. Character Pack 1 will also be made free to all players for two weeks starting with the launch of the game. Character Pack 1 joins Blake and Yang from RWBY, DLC that will be made free to all players indefinitely.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will release on May 31 in Japan also Asia and in The north of America on June 5.

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