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Bloodborne Guide: Here’s how to play Bloodborne Game

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Learn how to play co-op in FromSoftware’s BloodBorne game.

Since the recent release of the bloodborne game on PlayStation Plus, the streets of Yharnam are frequented by many new hunters, so it’s time to chase several! You need the help of a hunter to defeat a boss or are you simply a co-op enthusiast? Here’s a little guide that will explain how to play Bloodborne in linen.


The system of lucidity is a central Lovecraftian mechanic in the Bloodborne game. It represents the amount of inhuman knowledge you have gained by exploring the world and eliminating bosses. Gathering points of lucidity will lead you to the occult Truth, to see the indescribable and much more.

Lucidity is also the main currency of online gambling. For a point of lucidity, you can summon players in your world to accompany you on your hunt. In addition, you will not be able to discover the BloodBorne game online until you have gained your first point of lucidity.

For this, several options are available to you. The easiest way at the beginning of the game is to face a boss for the first time or use the item Know of the Demented, which you can find in Yharnam or get by eliminating some enemies.

Get help from other players (the call bell)

Once you have lucidity, you are (almost) ready. To play online in The Bloodborne game, you must have the call bell.

Once you have achieved clarity, you can get the call bell from messengers who are in the hunter’s dream.

Ring the call bell when you play online to summon hunters who will come to help you.

Once you have sounded the bell, your world will open and you will be connected to players of the same level and the same area who offered their help. For really useful help, use your bell at the beginning of the level or just before going to face a boss. You can simultaneously host two players in your world. When you play online, the number of health points of the bosses is recalculated according to the number of hunters attacking it. But the co-op brings many benefits, as these hunters can distract the boss, allowing you to vary attack strategies.

When you play online, stay on your guard: opening your world to allied hunters can also attract the attention of bloodthirsty hunters … In this case, you will receive a notification informing you that an opponent has entered your world, and will have a little time to get ready to fight it (or to hide).

Help other players (the small chime)

To help other players, you will need the small chime. This item can be purchased from the hunter’s dream messenger shop and is available once you have gained clarity.

To help other players, you just need to ring the small chime and your game will connect to the players who use the call bell in their own world. Again, we advise you to ring the chime at the beginning of the levels or near a boss room. Helping other players to defeat bosses is a good way to gain insight, which will allow you to invoke hunters in your own world!

Playing with friends

If you want to play with a friend, the player using the call bell and the one using the small chime must use the same password in the network settings. Make sure you are in the same area and try to stay in the same place in your respective worlds.

End the cooperation (silence)

If for any reason you need to end your coop session, you will have to use silence. You can get this item from the messenger who gave you the call bell. By using silence, you will end the online session and return to your world or return to their world the players who came to help you.

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