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7 Tips To Play BloodBorne PS4 Very Well (The Complement)

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BloodBorne PS4

FromSoftware’s intense action/horror game is a must-have for PS4 owners, but it’s not easy for beginners. Bloodborne PS4 refuses to welcome you gently. He throws himself directly on you rolled chins and claws out. But do not worry, we are here. Here’s what you need to know to survive your first bloody hours in the deadly streets of Yharnam.

6. Buy, recover and equip new equipment or weapons

You start the BloodBorne PS4 without weapons, with only your worn clothes on your back. You are vulnerable, and your first goal must be to find better equipment.

You will receive a set of weapons to begin on your first visit to the hunter’s dream, but consider searching for the correct hunter armor (in the Yharnam sewers or talking to the messengers of the bowl in the hunter’s dream). Get extra material, such as fire paper or Molotov cocktails, to keep up with the toughest opponents.

Without that, it will be much more difficult. If you’re really struggling, check your equipment and clothes and see if you can improve them.

7. Recovering blood echoes (do not be afraid to run)

Every beast that is slaughtered in Bloodborne PS4 will bring you a unique motto called “Blood Echoes”, which you will accumulate throughout your battles in the game. You will use them for everything from buying new gear to upgrading your weapons. going through the level gain of your character. The echoes of blood have only one drawback: if you die, they will fall on the place of your death and you will be able to recover them only if you return to this place without dying again (in which case they will be definitively lost in Blood Borne PS4).

If you have been particularly deadly and have a lot of blood on you, it can be really boring. Sometimes the best solution is to run. Keep an eye on your energy and run to sow enemies and reach where you were. Once you have recovered your blood, you can return fighting to the next shortcut and get your rewards.

8. You do not have to fight Father Gascoigne from the beginning

Your journey through the labyrinthine streets of Yharnam is not linear. So your first “boss” fight could take place between the tombstones of a graveyard, facing Father Gascoigne, incredibly fast. Rewind way for now. Arrange instead for the huge clerical monster to be your first boss. He remains a tough opponent, but this giant is a little slower, announces his attacks a little earlier and the fight taking place on an empty bridge, the environment will not be a problem.

9. Invest in your character: gaining levels and fortifying

If you find that your weapons do not inflict enough damage, or if your enemies hit back too hard, it may be a sign that you need to gain a level. Bloodstone fragments scattered throughout Yharnam can be used in conjunction with blood echoes to increase the power of your weapons (fortify them).

Blood echoes can also be used to increase the power of your character. After having crossed your first boss (whether you have won it or not), you will receive a point of “lucidity”. This motto has many effects and uses in the game, but it is mainly used to awaken the hunter’s dream doll. Once awake, she can “channel” your blood echoes, allowing you to invest points in your character to increase your health, dexterity, strength and other attributes.

10. Use the multiplayer call bells in BloodBorne PS4

A hunter is never alone … If you are really struggling with a particular level or boss, or if you think that the more you are crazy, the more you laugh, you can use your bell call (recovered at the beginning of the game) to summon hunters to help you. It will cost you a point of lucidity.

This will open your world and connect you with players who have offered help in the same area. At the beginning of the game, it can be tricky to get some clarity to summon other players, but you’ll gain some by first meeting bosses or using the Insane Knowledge item. If you prefer to play with a friend rather than a stranger, you can choose a common password together in the Network menu settings.

Of course, boss health will be slightly up, but the cooperation is still fun in Bloodborne PS4. Be careful though: opening your world to friendly hunters can also attract the attention of bloodthirsty hunters … If you receive a notification informing you that an opponent has entered your world, prepare to fight it (or to hide).

11. Other players have left you messages

If you play online, you will find messages scattered on the floor, held by small skeletons. These are messengers, and the messages they hold have been left for you by other players. They can warn you of a trap or give you tips to defeat a particular enemy, but be careful. Some players sometimes intentionally lead you into a trap for fun!

These messages can be labeled as “Good” or “Negative” using the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller’s touchpad. If you want to leave a message to other players, you can do it using the notebook. Other players will see your message in their world, and if they call it “Good,” you’ll instantly get some health wherever you go.

Above the messengers, you will sometimes see the ghost of other players. They can tell you how these players have met their cruel destiny wherever you are. This can help you identify the location of a hidden trap or enemy. Remember to watch them regularly!

12. Hang in there!

Bloodborne PS4 goes against the conventions of video games by rewarding your first incursions into the streets of Yharnam by a series of deaths all more atrocious than the others. Sometimes you will only make a few more steps than on your last attempt. It’s part of the Bloodborne PS4 experience. The game is designed to make you understand that you can never be sure of yourself, that you must respect each enemy and that you must always be attentive to your environment. The game will not become easier, but you will improve, and that’s the important thing. Soon, you will laugh heartily thinking back to your initial difficulties!

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