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A Developer Tweeted That Borderlands 3 Confirmed Again

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Borderlands 3

The last appropriate Borderlands title was The Pre-Sequel, which discharged in 2014. In case that you need to hop forward a bit, we had The Handsome Collection– gathering Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for current-gen consoles– and Telltale’s Tales From the Borderlands in 2015, yet it’s been a long time since another Borderlands game of any sort has discharged. Whispers of yet another game in the arrangement have sprung up again today with a basic tweet.

A site called Skewed and Reviewed posted a picture of an answer on Twitter, asserting that somebody related to the game had answered to them with an affirmation of the following Borderlands game, apparently Borderlands 3. The article overlooked the designer that sent the tweet, yet it was pixie simple to find Scott Pytlik, the chief of correspondences at 2K.

Pytlik’s tweet isn’t really a hole, however. Borderlands 3 (or the following Borderlands, as it has always been alluded to) was affirmed a year prior. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford affirmed that the game was being chipped away at finally year’s GDC when he flaunted a tech demo highlighting a portion of the new frameworks they are working with on the new game (and afterward again with a mop-top photograph). The character incorporated into the tech demo was even particularly impeded to keep away from spoilers preceding any official declaration. Pytlik called attention to out in a subsequent tweet.

Pytlik likewise says right in his Twitter bio that he’s “As of now taking a shot at the following portion in the Borderlands establishment,” so it doesn’t appear as though there’s quite a bit of a push to hold it under wraps. This may be the longest that a game has been affirmed by a studio without being authoritatively reported, however. There’s a considerable measure of buildup as fans sit tight for Gearbox to authoritatively disclose what they’ve been really going after, which makes tweets like those sent by Pytlik little beams of expectation that it could be declared soon.

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