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Check Out Dusty Raging Fist Trophy List

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On account of a current posting of trophies over at PSN Trophies, it would seem that Dusty Raging Fist, the activity brawler that has been around on Steam for around three years now, will at long last be advancing toward the PlayStation 4. The trophy site has as of late recorded a bundle of trophies for the game, indicating that it will go to the Sony support in the long run.

Dusty Raging Fist Trailer:

More About Dusty Raging Fist below:

The Game is a quick pace activity brawler with strategic help battle. You play as Dusty and his partners in an online multi-player activity platformer navigating distinctive grounds to cut down shrewdness and reestablish equity.

‘Dusty Raging Fist’ is set in reality as we know it where forces of Mythical Guardians are scattered over the grounds. Our legends, Dusty, Kitsune, and Darg are entrusted to get the forces of the components from the Guardians to battle against a dim, antiquated insidiousness that dwells in the Catacombs.

Game Features:

– 3 playable characters, and 2 support characters.

– Online Multi-Player Co-Op.

– Collect different elemental skills to unleash powerful attacks.

– Collect powerful guardians to aid you in your quest.

– Sniper and Cannon support characters aid you from different vantage points.

– Fast-paced action beat’em up fused with modern art and gameplay.

– Crazy boss fights to make your day!!

Dusty Raging Fist’s Release Date Has not set yet.

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