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Compile Heart are offering Free DLC in Death end re;Quest

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Recently designer Compile Heart declared that Death end re;Quest had been postponed from March to April. While that news disillusioned a few fans, they’ll be happy to realize that the studio just released a huge amount of screenshots flaunting the pretending game’s gameplay. There are more than 30 pictures of gameplay film, which implies the game’s fight framework gets the opportunity to sparkle. It should look semi-well-known to those that have played the Neptunia games, as it shares a few similitudes by the way it works.

Since the game was recently delayed, Compile Heart is offering up some free DLC in Death end re;Quest:

Accumulate Heart will release the above bathing suit ensembles as free DLC regardless of the status of the game’s pre-arrange battle as a conciliatory sentiment.

  • Regarding Death end re;Quest which was initially intended to be released on March 1, 2018, we have settled on a choice to change the release date to April 12, 2018, because of specific conditions.
  • As an expression of remorse for this adjustment in release date, the Swimsuit Costume DLC, which was initially arranged as the S rank reward for the pre-arrange battle, will be given for free.
  • We profoundly apologize to not just clients who have been anticipating this present game’s release yet in addition to related organizations for the immense bothers caused by this, and we trust you will keep on supporting us with unaltered supports.

Death end re;Quest will Launch on April 12, 2018.

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