Derrick Rose has only received ten-day offers

Derrick Rose has only received ten-day offers …

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Former MVP: Derrick Rose will not play the playoffs this season. No franchise has offered him a contract and he is still without a club.

The end of Derrick Rose’s NBA run is fast approaching. We may have even seen his very last outings the few times he has worn the Cleveland Cavaliers jersey this season. Indeed, the youngest MVP in history really does not matter. He had until yesterday to engage with a franchise while being qualified for the playoffs. But no team has taken a real interest.

According to the Bleacher Report, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington Wizards and Minnesota Timberwolves have flown over. Without actually bending over it. Derrick Rose received only offers of renewable contracts over ten days. Deals usually offered to water carriers to supplement the workforce in case of injury.

Far from his old standing. D-Rose will be a free agent this summer. But if nobody wanted it in March, why bet on him in July? Chances are that he will be forced to change league to continue to evolve pro …

Ken Berger of Bleacher Report made a point Thursday morning on the situation, which did not look promising for Rose according to sources of the League, and other close to the player:

“He does not try to go into (a franchise) development, nor to try to find out who he really is. He knows who he is as a player. […] There is hope in Rose’s camp that the Oklahoma City Thunder – who is missing a guard since the loss of Andre Roberson, and who watches every addition they can make to fight with the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets in post-season – end up calling. This Wednesday, they had not responded. […] What about Minnesota, with Tom’s former coach at the Bulls, Tom Thibodeau, who runs the coaching and basketball coaching chair at the Timberwolves? As of Wednesday night, there has been no communication on this subject, even though Rose’s former teammate, Jimmy Butler, is on the sidelines indefinitely after a meniscus operation. “

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