We will probably not see Derrick Rose in the NBA

We will probably not see Derrick Rose in the NBA

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Derrick Rose is no longer really interested in big league franchises. His future in the NBA is, therefore, more uncertain than ever.

March 1st is a key date in the NBA this season. It’s the last day to engage with a team while being qualified to play the playoffs. Derrick Rose, transferred by the Cleveland Cavaliers and cut by Utah Jazz on the night of the deadline, still has no club. And he does not interest anyone

“His injuries and lack of desire to play are causing him harm,” said a Western Conference leader at the Bleacher Report.

Derrick Rose took a long time to accept his regression. He is the youngest MVP in history and we imagine that it was indeed difficult to convince himself that he was no longer able to be a star. He had even signed for the minimum with Cleveland. But the experience in Ohio did not work. The former All-Star has even considered dropping his career after an umpteenth injury.

If D-Rose does not interest anyone today, there is little chance he will seduce a franchise this summer. It still feels good start in China in the coming months.

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How do you want to question a guy who had the MVP at 21?The problem comes partly from, I can assure you that when you are 1st of the class ben in 90% of the cases you will not work harder still, and that’s what happened with rose.But we all know that he was not the best at this time and Chicago Bulls were in excellent parties for their defensive system and especially their coach Thibodeau, Rose was just their best scorer MVP coup for the best scorer.Then came the repeated injuries but I can guarantee you that during her wounds, pink was not trying to become better, just regain her health point bar.

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