Devin Booker: “Before I was in the NBA, I did not like it “

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Devin Booker has only respect and love for Russell Westbrook. This has not always been the case as the back of the Suns after his duel last night with the MVP title.

The Suns have lost yet but that does not prevent Devin Booker from continuing to enter the history of the franchise and the NBA. Because if he could not prevent Phoenix from losing to OKC, the young prodigy became last night the third fastest player in history to reach the 4000 points in his career. A feat that confirms a little more than the winner of the 3-point Contest is promised a bright future. And that it is already necessary to count with him to compete with the biggest stars of the league.

Author of 39 points, 8 assists, and 6 rebounds, he responded perfectly to the Russell Westbrook Festival (43 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists), even going so far as to earn the praise of the OKC star leader after the final buzzer.

Devin Booker Status:

“He said to me, ‘Ask your team for excellence’. Coming from him, that means a lot, “said the Suns back to AZ Central after the match.

“It’s someone for whom I have a lot of respect. Before being in the NBA, he was a player I did not like. But since my rookie year, it’s someone I watch constantly. The passion and energy he gives me every night are incredible.

Under the eyes of Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion, guests of honor at the Suns Decade’s Night, Devin Booker, and his team-mates have left the win after long doubting their hosts. Standing 13th in the third quarter, the Suns were still in the money time before seeing Russell Westbrook put the last gasp and allow the Thunder to end the game on a 10-0.

“We fight, we hang on. There are no moral victories but it’s better, “lamented the 21-year-old.

Penultimate in the East, the Suns are condemned to “tanker” until the end of the season and the former Wildcat will have to content themselves with continuing to chain the boxes while waiting to see his franchise aim for other objectives that the conquest of the 1st pick of the Draft in the years to come …

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