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Rick Carlisle confident about chances to see Dirk Nowitzki

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The Dallas Mavericks coach shared the optimism that Dirk Nowitzki could continue his career next season.

Will Dirk Nowitzki decide to go to the end of his contract and leave for a tour next season? Soon to be 40 years old and while the Dallas Mavericks are now among the weakest teams in the league, the German veteran has recently announced his desire to play a final season with the Mavs in 2018-2019. Doubts nevertheless hang over the future of the former MVP who could decide to hang up at the end of the current exercise to allow a frank heart to anticipate its rebuilding process.

Asked about his protégé’s intentions, Rick Carlisle said he was confident that the future member of the Hall of Fame would have a final lap next year.

“I have not spoken to him yet,” said the technician.

“At this point, everything seems to indicate that he will play one more season. But the decision belongs to him and he must think about all that implies. Personally, I support 100% because you never want a player like him to go. But we will see. Time will tell us… “

Always valuable offensively with averages of 12.4 points (at 46.1% on shots, 43.1% by far), the former All-Star, on the other hand, feels more and more difficult when it comes to defending face to younger players, faster and more mobile than him. Not sure though that would be enough to convince him to hang up his sneakers and abandon the idea of achieving his goal of reaching the two decades spent under the Texan tunic.

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