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Epic Games Publish Millions $ of Assets Paragon For Free

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Before Paragon’s servers are unplugged on April 27, 2018, Epic Games will once again talk about Paragon with an ad that may not hurt the aspiring developers and designers.

Paragon for those who do not know is somehow Fortnite’s big brother, however, following the huge success of the Battle Royale mode, Paragon attracted only a handful of players. Epic games have therefore decided some time ago to close its doors because of the success of Fortnite, and this on April 27th.

Today and in order to make him talk one last time, Epic Games has decided to publish free millions of dollars worth of the game’s assets; which represents for artists, hundreds of hours of work. Now, developers of Unreal Engine, 4 can use free $ 12 million worth of Paragon’s assets that have also been used to develop Fortnite. Inside of these, you will be able to find your happiness among:

  • Skins: 20 heroes are available with all their skins. This also includes basic meshes, hundreds of textures, special effects, animation steps, dialogues with a hundred sounds.
  • Environments: more than 1,500 scenery elements created for Agora and Monolith maps.

Epic Games has also announced that other cosmetics will be available in the spring and summer of 2018, and for people doing programming under the Unreal Engine 4, skins are available in the marketplace.

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