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Far Cry 5: New Trailer Shows Madness of Hope Country

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The release date of Far Cry 5 is fast approaching and yet, the teams in charge of the game continue to unveil new videos, stories, and information about the upcoming title of Ubisoft. This time, it’s a live-action TV commercial called “Anything Can Happen, Everything Will” that was released on the company’s American channel.

Just over two weeks before the release of this new iteration of the Far Cry license, Ubisoft continues to entertain the enthusiasm of players through many trailers, gameplay videos and crisp information about their latest project… For the last public release date of the game, we can find a television spot, dedicated to the American continent, just over a minute and the first 30 seconds consist of live action footage of some key elements of the story.

During this first part of the video, five actors present you, consecutively, Hope County, a place where, as the title of the video indicates, anything can happen and everything will happen … Thus, in parallel with these speeches, we can see a dog disarm a man, planes to shoot over a village, a car driving a barn with an armed man on his hood, a confrontation with a bear in a bar, but especially Joseph Seed, the main antagonist of history, in the midst of his faithful.

As a reminder, Far Cry 5 will be released on March 27, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

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