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News: the Xbox One games released on February 26th

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And 13 more games on Xbox One will Release on the other week! Admittedly, this is not the busiest week in terms of titles expected to launch on Xbox One, there are reissues, games, but we can say what we want, it’s still 13 games! Let’s go!

The Blob 2: I’m a bit puzzled with this release, a game already backward compatible. What’s more, it’s also not a game whose features warrant an upgrade to One, all the more so at this price. But if you want to get a better idea of the game, you can read the test we did a few years ago. Test – from Blob 2

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Gravel, The race, the arcade, the slide, but yes, it can do it! A demo is available to get an idea, and you can also see what our friend Sauron (Test – GRAVEL) said, who played much more in-depth than it is possible to do in the demo.

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Immortal Redneck: Frantic FPS in Egypt, with gods to butter, and a title that suggests that we play a big nag. Does it not remind you of some “Sam the serious”? The game has a lot of assets, in a formula incorporating Rogue-like with levels that generate randomly. I mention it as an asset because it has been in fashion for a while. It is appreciated by many: I admit, as far as I’m concerned, as soon as I read “rogue-like”, I pass my turn.

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RiftStar Raiders: Playable at 4, this title starts from a pretty great principle since the achievement is clearly high-end, it’s very nice, while the gameplay comes straight from Asteroid, arcade game of … 1979. And it’s not a bad thing! A demo is available to get an idea.

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Switch – Or Die Trying: And that’s the hardcore platform game of the week. The principle is not to buy a switch or die if you can not but to change the plane in the depth of the screen, to reach the platforms that are in front or behind. These games, which play reflexes, I hate them: they remind me that when you get older, you lose in vivacity. Personally, I can not play any more difficult games!

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Bridge Constructor Porta: Currently, for this price, Bridge Constructor is included. To begin, I suggest you read the test because it’s a blow of heart! Test – Bridge Constructor Portal. Then go on your Xbox One to watch the video of the game, and you should be at least titillated. I really liked the Bridge Constructor, already very interesting, but there, with Glados bonus, I do not see how it could not be excellent.

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ACA NEOGEO Shock Troopers 2nd Squad: The NeoGeo of the week! In this arcade game, what strikes me, as often on NeoGeo, is the crazy size of the sprites, which make it difficult to anticipate the action.

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Turok Remaster: Hmm. A little perplexity. Turok, basically, it’s really fun. A super-Indian who is shooting dinosaurs with his arrows, that’s a good base! By cons, what I see looks terribly like the original version on N64. Maybe there was something that escaped me, but there I do not see any differences.

Turok remastergames-xbox-games reviews-playstation-playstation 5-

Shoppe Keep: This title is a store simulation. you can choose your furniture, its organization, and what you put on the shelves. Well appreciated on PC, to see if it earns the same reputation on the console.

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Mulaka: Not bad, this adventure game! Inspired by the North American culture. The game exploits a universe not necessarily frequent. Also, the graphics style is interesting and one can be attached to it.

Mulakagames-xbox-games reviews-playstation-playstation 5-

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Nothing to add to what I said above about the first Turok.

Turok2: seeds of evilgames-xbox-games reviews-playstation-playstation 5-

The Story Goes On: The hack’s slash of the week! With rogue-like in, and a graphic style that does not speak to me at all! In this type of indie games, it is important to hang on to the chosen style, which is what makes us able to spend hours on a game … See you!

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Pit People: Just above, I’m talking about the importance of hanging on to the graphic universe of an indie game. Well here is The Behemoth, so right now, it makes you want. What’s more, we are on the turn-based strategy, playable in cooperation with 2, or 45 verses! And here I say YES!

pit peoplegames-xbox-games reviews-playstation-playstation 5-

This is the List of Games that will be launched on Xbox One on February 26th. What are the other games you are expecting to see on Xbox One in the next weeks?

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