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FFXV Dread Behemoth Weakness and How to Beat It

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The FFXV Dread Behemoth is a mammoth not at all like some other. This massive cumbersome creature that Final Fantasy fans will plainly perceive is far riskier and testing beast than the one you can chase down in the fundamental amusement part of Final Fantasy XV. The Dread Behemoth is saved for endgame as it were.

In any case, any enthusiast of a test will need to bring down the FFXV Dread Behemoth on the grounds that finishing the creature’s related journey is one of the hardest in the whole diversion. This is incredible news for completionists, yet it takes some fundamental arrangements. We should begin with the most proficient method to beat this brute.

FFXV Dread Behemoth Guide:

Vanquishing the FFXV Dread Behemoth is exclusively saved for endgame players as it were. To try and access the mission and chase down the creature, you more likely than not finished the fundamental story. To begin the Dread Behemoth, stack up a finished spare, go to a rest point, call Umbra, and advance from Altissia to Longwythe Peak.

We prescribe outdoors there and gobbling up the best nourishment Ignis can cook before beginning this crazy battle. For the battle itself, we exceptionally suggest your gathering be in any event level 110 or higher if conceivable. This is an intense supervisor with no immediate shortcoming. Truth be told, avoid utilizing any Fire assaults or spells at all.

FFXV Dread Behemoth’s Blizzard assault is the most unsafe to pay special mind to. Utilizing Thunder or the updated spell Thunder Expericast will enable you to intrude on it and keep away from real harm. This battle will be a long one, so try to settle in and take as much time as necessary. Organize evading over assaulting.

While it isn’t a by and large shortcoming, your most solid option for really managing harm is war striking the FFXV Dread Behemoth’s abdominal area and neck region. Doing this will bring about a catch off-guard assault and give you more harm than typical. Keep at it and you will rapidly subside into a pleasant cycle that can be rehashed until the FFXV Dread Behemoth is down. Good fortunes!

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