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The Final Fantasy XV improvements of the game on PS4

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The Final Fantasy XV improvements of the game on PS4 with the Royal Edition:

From exploring the ruins of the city of Insomnia to first-person attacks, discover today what’s new in the game.

Starting today, the Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV will further deploy its famous RPG and story with new features, new equipment, and a new dungeon: the ruins of Insomnia. If you have not known what is in this edition yet, check out the trailer.

If you have not had the time to play Final Fantasy XV or the opportunity to take it in hand since 2016, now is the time to seize this opportunity, because the Royal Edition brings together the main game and more 20 downloadable contents.

It was a real pleasure to be able to interview the director to ask him what’s new with the Royal Edition. Discover this interview:

 1. Why did you make a Royal Edition?

We designed it to showcase all the work of the development team since the game’s release. I invite all new players to take advantage of this advanced version of FFXV. And for fans who have already played the game, we will update it so that they can access the contents of the Royal Edition. This edition represents the culmination of all that we have been able to do so far, so take full advantage of it.

2. Where does the name Royal Edition come from?

We did not want to call it the “Complete Edition” because we want to continue to improve the game. The word “royal” comes to mind when we think about Lucis’ royal lineage, and then it’s a name that reflects the complete edition of FFXV available to date. We recently released a Royal Pack, which also takes its name from the royal Lucian family.

3. What should fans expect in the ruins of Insomnia?

I received many requests from fans who played the game and watched the movie “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV”, saying they would love to explore Insomnia. So, I’m sure there will be great discoveries for everyone on this new map.

4. Where does the idea of eclipse attacks in the first person come from?

First, we wanted to create a first-person mode in FFXV. Naturally, it has been concluded that having the first person eclipses would be a good idea. Finally, everyone was impatient to ride a Chocobo in a subjective way. In the end, adjusting all these details was far from easy, but nobody wanted to give up (laughs).

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