Finally Playstation 5 will be launched in 2020

Finally Playstation 5 will be launched in 2020

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The rumor swells: Sony could decide to launch it is PlayStation 5 by 2020.

Seven years after its release on the shelves, the PlayStation 4 could finally be replaced by PlayStation 5. What’s more logical after all: it’s about the same time that had elapsed between the release of the PS3 and its heiress.

The PlayStation 4 will soon be retired?

The prediction is worth it: interviewed by the media GamingBolt, the analyst Mat Piscatella (NPD Group) evoked the future of the consoles of the living room of Sony. According to him, the Japanese manufacturer would have the idea to begin the retirement of its PlayStation 4 by 2020. And he explained: “2020 is the forecast that I do. The data suggest that it is not necessary to do so sooner. But I have already seen surprises in the past. ”

In fact, Piscatella refers to the very good sales figures of the PlayStation 4. Since its launch in November 2013, they sold over 76 million units worldwide. And we must also take into account the delay accumulated by Microsoft’s Xbox One. When Sony is dangerously close to the 100 million PlayStation 4 sold, MS is struggling with its game console. The Xbox One would thus display a little over 36 million units sold worldwide.

A PlayStation 5 announced in 2019?

For comparison, the PlayStation 3 claims total sales of 86.90 million units, against 85.80 million for the Xbox 360. To believe that for this generation, the gap will be much more marked. To return to the original subject, should we expect the presentation of this PlayStation 5 at the E3 2019? This is a hypothesis to take into account. It remains to see the format of the bike, and its orientation: and if the PS5 was the focus of streaming games, will it be an initiative currently carried by Sony PlayStation Now service?

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