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Fortnite Update Dragon Weapons After Backlash

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A current Fortnite update out of the blue re-rolled the details on Dragon weapons, which has left Save the World players exceptionally miserable. Reddit is recently immersed with grumblings from fans who have contributed a lot of time and assets to the things, just for their endeavors to go squander.

Epic Games has now recognized that it “botched up” by not speaking with players, and offered a clarification for the progressions of Fortnite, which you can read underneath:

When we initially discharged the Dragon Weapons in the Fortnite update they could roll totally invalid arrangements of advantages. They could be awful (5 dark advantages) or completely stunning (5 gold advantages), yet in the two cases, they didn’t take after our ordinary liven moving principles.

We ran a relocation to address this in 3.2, as specified in this remark. Mythical beast Weapons/Schematics with an invalid (decent or awful) arrangement of advantages was re-rolled.

Alter (Note): Each weapon in Fortnite update: STW is permitted to have numerous property changing advantages however just a single of the more included gameplay-modifying advantages.


  • If the schematic didn’t have at least one blue and one gold perk – the item was re-rolled.
  • If the schematic had more than two gray perks, four blue perks, or four gold perks – the item was re-rolled.


  • If the schematic didn’t have at least one blue perk – the item was rerolled.
  • If the schematic had more than two gray perks, three blue perks, or three gold perks – the item was rerolled

The framework for rerolling advantages is currently being taken a shot at and will engage you to pick and pick which advantages you need to change the weapon. We’ve begun some abnormal state configuration take a shot at the weapon liven reroll framework, it will take some time. Here’s some underlying understanding…

Epic also promised to keep fans updated going forward.

[Source: Reddit]

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