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The Similarities Between Kratos & Atreus In God of War

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One of the greatest changes in God of War is the presentation of Atreus, the child of Kratos. While the kid isn’t an identical representation of his dad, he has a considerable amount in like manner. Chief Cory Barlog as of late discussed why Atreus demonstrates a portion of the outrage that Kratos is known for, and it originates from his own particular experience as a father.

“That is such a bizarre sprinkle of icy water to the substance of another parent when you see the most noticeably awful parts of you turning out in your child,” uncovered Barlog to the PlayStation Blog. “Goodness, man. That just blows my mind. I’m super psychotic, isn’t that so? Infrequently I have a colossally troublesome time with persistence. I’m presumably a monster undeniable irritation to work with…. I’m requesting on occasion, and exceptionally engaged, and now and again stopped. Also, I see that in my child, and it makes me extremely upset. What’s more, these are exceptionally minor things when you think about who Kratos is, and when he begins seeing the underlying foundations of what destroyed his life showing in his child. Furthermore, he doesn’t comprehend or know how to settle that! Since none of us do. I don’t know how to settle that!”

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The other enormous change is that Kratos has a child named Atreus who is vital to both gameplay and the story. I didn’t understand it from the get-go, however, Atreus is really the most intriguing piece of battle experiences. Not exclusively might I be able to charge him to shoot bolts at adversaries (causing a paralyze) by squeezing the square catch, however with watchful situating he could be utilized to draw the consideration of hazardous enemies. Since he doesn’t have an existence bar to stress over, utilizing your child as a redirection is a massively useful strategy (particularly in manager battles).


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