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Check Out New God of War Story Trailer

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A NEW TRAILER for GOD OF WAR will be found in the unlikeliest of spots this SUNDAY: only when the freshest scene of FAMILY GUY, on account of a momentous arrangement drawn up by Sony and Fox. The 60-second TV spot for God of War, entitled ‘Bolt’ is, as indicated by AdWeek, bookending Family Guy as the enlivened drama hopes to begin heading towards going advertisement free amid its runtime.

Check Out New God of War Story Trailer Below:

Kratos and Kratos Jr. (Regardless I’m not anticipating taking in his name until the point when he begins snarling and beheading like the god killer) have effectively highlighted in a sprinkling of God of War adverts and trailers, however this is the main sign that the buildup prepare is extremely going to leave the station before its discharge on April 20, notwithstanding its odd first stop.

Addressing AdWeek, Asad Qizilbash, VP of Marketing for PlayStation trusts the Family Guy scene, which, on the off chance that you give it a second thought, is about Stewie going by a therapist, introduces an incredible hybrid between “crowd arrangement” (cherish that promoting talk) and that “Family Guy checked all the containers.” to put it plainly, many individuals who observe Family Guy are likely going to be amped up for conferring deicide. I’m stating nothing.

Family Guy affectation at 6 pm PST/9pm EST on FOX, so expect the God of War trailer to show up minutes before the booked time, and approximately 22 minutes after the scene begins. In the event that it does well, we could be seeing the beginning of a noteworthy pattern including interactive media hybrid amongst games and TV. The two circles are ordinarily kept really discrete, excepting uber occasions, for example, Super Bowls, yet now the game has changed. It could yet be a watershed minute for the medium, so keep your eyes peeled this Sunday night.

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