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High school students should return to the NBA!

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The NBA seems to be moving more and more towards a reduction in the age limit to join the league. The players could soon be drafted at the end of high school.

To fight, among other things, against the lowering of the NBA level with the massive influx of young high school students not ready to play pro, David Stern had introduced a rule prohibiting access to the league to basketball players under 19 years. Thus was born the “one and done”. Now, the best prospects stay barely a year in college before going to the draft. This does not please players, universities or franchises. According to ESPN, Adam Silver would seriously think about changing the rules.

High school students could eventually return to the NBA. More importantly, the league plans to really get involved in the development of younger players. From their early years in Highschool. The NBA would, therefore, be training … by also offering other alternatives to the NCAA (the G-League?) To the youngest players not yet ready to join the world’s fastest league.

This performance would occur in a tense climate for the NCAA. The university league is shaken by many scandals. Several players, including LeBron James, have descended this organization deemed “corrupt”.

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