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Hover Revolt of Gamers Enabled Their Support

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Amid PlayStation Experience 2017 we announced that up and coming parkour game, Hover Revolt of Gamers will include cross-play when it arrives on supports. The game has now gotten an update on PC, the fix notes for which specify that cross-stage bolster has been empowered for PC/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch, and PC/PlayStation 4.

There’s been scarcely any news about Hover since PSX however given yesterday’s update, we can make sure that reassure forms haven’t been overlooked, and it’s presumable that we’ll hear something soon.

Hover Revolt of Gamers Quick Overview:

Experience the rushes of a quick paced single and multiplayer parkour game. Join the disobedience and scorn the security powers of a hostile to game oppression. Ascend to the numerous difficulties of a modern open world. Gather your group, upgrade your rigging and perform extraordinary traps and combos.

Chandler Wood Wrote about Hover Revolt of Gamers as Follow:

Hover: Revolt of Gamers is an exciting thrill ride that combines Jet Set Radio with Mirror’s Edge, set in a world inspired by the likes of Star Wars and The Fifth Element. If that’s not a recipe that instantly generates excitement, I’m not sure what is.

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