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After Only 36 Hours Iron Harvest Was Successfully Funded

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Engineer King Art Games has declared yesterday that Iron Harvest, an up and coming to RTS, has been effectively Kickstarted after under 36 hours on the stage. The game, which will dispatch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, is charged as an “old-school RTS” and will occur in a substitute form of 1920.

Check out Iron Harvest Trailer Below:

Iron Harvest Features:


  • “Walking machines” or mechs play a major role in Iron Harvest’s combat. There are about 30 different types of mechs in the game, from giant, ultra-heavy war machines to relatively quick lighter mechs.
  • Think of mechs as “the armored vehicles” in the world of Iron Harvest.
  • There are also humanoid units with primitive exo-skeletons.
  • Infantry units are the most versatile units in the game. They can equip different weapons and tools to get new abilities or to change the type of damage they deal. A standard infantry with a rifle cannot harm a mech, but the very same infantry squad could find grenades, mines or hand cannons on the battlefield to change the balance of power…
  • Infantry units can also man weapon systems like heavy MGs, cannons, and mortars on the battlefield. Usually, each weapon system has pros and cons. Heavy MGs can cause havoc among enemy infantry but they’re pretty slow and have a build-up phase.
  • Infantry units are organized in squads of 5 or 6 soldiers.
  • All units can level up and can be healed/repaired. It makes sense to keep your experienced units alive instead of building new ones.

The Release date of Iron Harvest has not Revealed Yet.


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