Jamal Crawford remembers the name of ALL coaches

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Jamal Crawford’s memory is as effective as crossovers. The proof in pictures with this challenge perfectly raised by the veteran Wolves!

From the top of his 18 NBA seasons, Jamal Crawford is one of the last dinosaurs still playing today on the floors of the Grand League. Now 37 years old, the one who decided to drop his bags this year in Minnesota defended the colors of seven franchises and evolved under the orders of no less than 18 coaches!

The opportunity to challenge the veteran and check if his memory is still performing well by asking him to name all the names of coaches who have led him in his long career.

Jamal Crawford Video On Instagram:

As he arrives at the twilight of his career, Jamal Crawford now has a well-filled resume including a personal best of 52 points and no less than three statuettes of the best sixth man of the year stored in his trophy cabinet. Despite a shorter playing time, he still turns this season to more than 10 points average and we hope to see him postpone the time of retirement by deciding to leave for a ride next year.

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