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Joel Embiid accuses Whiteside of trying to hurt him

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The quarrel between Joel Embiid and Hassan Whiteside has taken on a new dimension. The Cameroonian believes that his evening opponent clearly aimed at his back, where he has already had several health problems.

Before Joel Embiid and Hassan Whiteside teased each other on Twitter. Verbal exchanges interposed in 140 characters but also some spades sent on the ground. That night, Whiteside, 26 points and 8 rebounds, still got the better of her opponent. He led the Miami Heat to victory against the Philadelphia Sixers. Embiid has suffered. He scored 17 points but being limited to 5/18 shots. The Cameroonian had a joke to pass after the match.

“He (Whiteside) tried to hit me in the back and it’s a bad move because I have back problems, I will not forget that,” promised Joel Embiid after the match.

The Sixers pivot refers to this action.

Hassan Whiteside strikes Joel Embiid lightly in the back

“It does not hit hard so I did not feel anything, but it’s the intent that’s really crappy.”

The back problems of Joel Embiid are obviously well known. Hassan Whiteside has not reacted to the accusations yet. But their next duel will only be spicier …

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