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Kevin Durant does not care about the MVP any More

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It’s easier to say when you’ve already won it once, but we understand the idea …

Kevin Durant will not be MVP this season. If he has a good chance of being in the top 5 of the standings given his good individual season and the Golden State Warriors, “KD” will have to wait to win the second statuette. No problem, he declared himself anything but obsessed with personal rewards. That’s something another winger All-Star is looking for, as he told Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports.

“The rewards mean nothing to me, you can be an MVP player without winning the trophy, I know how good I am, everyone in this league knows how good I am. Deny it or if they just hate me As soon as I set foot on the field, the enemy fans fear me When I’m open before shooting, I hear the crowd They respect me.

Kevin Durant is nevertheless aware that it was his departure from Oklahoma City that changed the way people viewed him.

“People who love competition and suspense did not like it, everything is good to criticize me here and there, but I expected it, I want to experiment with everything and constantly move forward.”

It remains Kevin Durant the opportunity to win for the first time a trophy that would not have been predicted early in his career: that of the best defender of the season. He should not be far from first place when voting.

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