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The Realism Mod Makes Kingdom Come Deliverance Tougher

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Kingdom Come Deliverance isn’t precisely a simple game, yet you can change Henry from modest worker to fearsome knight decently fast on the off chance that you realize what you’re doing. Modder Knoxogoshi’s Ultimate Realism Overhaul hopes to change that by making the game harder, particularly at an opportune time. It knocks up the trouble of battle, backs off movement, and makes Groschen—Bohemia’s money—harder to come by. It sounds merciless, however in the event that you’ve effectively completed your first playthrough then it may be a decent reason to start from the very beginning once more.

It addresses relatively every one of the Kingdom Come Deliverance frameworks. The mod changes each weapon’s harm esteem and quality prerequisites, which will make it more hard to employ the best weapons and relatively difficult to one-shot adversaries late in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You’ll likewise need to give careful consideration to the kind of weapon you’re utilizing: maces, for instance, will do scarcely any harm against cushioned reinforcement, will measure significantly more than different weapons, and will have a considerably shorter reach.

The mod psychologists the window for a flawless square, while foes will coordinate their assaults to attempt and hit you in the meantime, instead of lining up to strike, which they have a tendency to do in the base game.

The mod backs off leveling and nerfs some of Henry’s advantages. You’ll develop hunger quicker—to the point where you may starve in the event that you don’t eat for a day—and you can’t just eat from stew pots any longer since they’ll just give you a minor supper.

Profiting in Kingdom Come Deliverance can be a battle toward the beginning, however, this mod makes it ever harder by bringing down the costs that dealers will pay you for merchandise and increase the cost of specific things, particularly defensive layer.

It will make the early game especially troublesome: expanded motel costs mean you won’t have the capacity to manage the cost of a space for some time, abandoning you to think about the road. What’s more, since you’ll require more nourishment, you’ll come up short on gold rapidly, which implies you’ll likely need to take bunches of bread in the event that you need to survive.

The best part is that it’s secluded, so you can decide to simply redesign the battle and movement frameworks, or take everything except for the economy changes, for instance. Download everything from the mod’s Nexus page. I’d prescribe perusing the portrayal in full first so you realize what you’re getting yourself into.

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