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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update 1.3 Patch Notes!

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of the beginning of the year, with more than a million copies sold, the Kingdom Come: Deliverance game quickly found its audience. However, despite its very good sales figures, Kingdom Come: Deliverance suffered many bugs that should be corrected with the release of patch 1.3.

Since its release, the game is the victim of multiple bugs, some hilarious, like when your horse starts playing flying saucers. Others are much more penalizing when it impacts the main quests of the game. Only after a long waiting time, the patience of the players is finally rewarded with the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance patch 1.3. However, beware, PC players can already enjoy, while on consoles, this patch should happen soon since it is under certification.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance PATCH NOTES 1.3

  • The game now has a save and exit function.
  • The backup system is beefier and the backups will not be corrupted even if the game crash during the backup.
  • The bench of alchemy will not send you in the air anymore.
  • The objects on the horse will be cleaned at the same time as the player’s clothes when he goes to the baths.
  • You can see by looking at a bed if that will save your game.
  • You can sleep on a bed without having to sit down before.
  • Raising the level of stealth by killing enemies is more consistent.
  • Sneaking alongside sleepy NPCs is easier.
  • The rewards of some easily accessible chests have been removed.
  • Cave mushrooms can now be found in many other humid places.
  • You can not automatically make potions that you have not made once.
  • German dubbing will no longer stop in the middle of a cutscene.
  • (Only on PC) It is now possible to select different types of anti-aliasing.
  • (Only on PC) It is now possible to set the VSync parameter to 30, 60 or disable it completely.
  • (PC only) Steam Cloud backups are enabled.
  • And more than 300 corrections in various quests.


  • The level of detail has been changed, reducing pop-in and improving textures.
  • The blur effect in some areas has been decreased.
  • Framerate more stable with Vsync30 (consoles and some PCs).


  • New design for the interface making it easier to find the right place when you turn the lock.
  • The easy and very easy chests are now easier to crochet when you play with a controller (the difficulty with a mouse remains the same).


  • You will not get caught if you stop at the beginning of the mini-game (unless someone sees you).
  • The risk indicator is now more accurate. When it’s green, you’re sure not to get caught.


  • Some benefits of combat that were unintentionally too strong were reduced.
  • Weapons adapt less to high-level statics.
  • It will now be harder to kill high-level enemies with one hit (unless they do not have a helmet).


  • The vulnerability of “attacks without targets” has been corrected.
  • AI of enemy archers has been improved.
  • Guards react more aggressively during the fighting.
  • Many other minor systems.
  • Turkish subtitling added.

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