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Kobe Bryant on the Oscar: “I feel better after a title”

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Kobe Bryant has delivered his feelings after being awarded at the Oscars for his poem “Dear Basketball”, awarded in the category of animated shorts.

Kobe Bryant wanted his new career, his after-basket, to be even brighter than his years in the NBA. For the moment, it starts strong. Black Mamba won an Oscar tonight. His poem “Dear Basketball”, a text written to announce the end of his career, was named Best Animated Short Film. A superb reward. Obviously very prestigious. An honor that moved the five-time NBA champion.

“To be honest, I feel better after winning a title, I swear it’s true,” said Kobe Bryant.

This reward has an impact that can go beyond the person’s frame. For Kobe Bryant, this is also the perfect opportunity to show that basketball players do not just “to shut up and dribble” to use the offensive words of a presenter Fox News. They can also shine on many paintings. In the image of Bryant.

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