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LeBron James far away from the Lakers?

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According to Los Angeles Lakers reporter Ramona Shelburne, LeBron James is not close to wearing the Purple and Gold tunic.

Ramona Shelburne is very often the most knowledgeable about anything near Los Angeles Lakers. The ESPN reporter does not share the optimism of some about the possible coming of LeBron James next summer. On Thursday, Shelburne calmed everyone down.

“On est toujours très loin de l’idée même d’une arrivée de L.James aux Lakers. Si quelqu’un prétend aujourd’hui qu’il sait ce que va faire James, il ne fait que jouer aux devinettes. Comment quelqu’un pourrait savoir avec exactitude ? L.James lui-même ne le sait pas”.

This week there were rumors of a team shortlist with which L.James would agree to discuss next summer. Among them, the Cavs, the Rockets, the Sixers and the Lakers.

LeBron James’s stats

27 points, 9 assists and 8.4 rebounds average.

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