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Cavs, Rockets, Lakers, Sixers: LeBron James shortlist…

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According to The Ringer, LeBron James’ signature run will be played between the Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia Sixers.

As in 2010 and 2014, this year 2018 will not depart from the rule, the soap opera LeBron James will be the main driver of all rumors. The free agent this summer, LBJ will offer what appears as his last big challenge. While waiting for his choice, all the other free agents will have their eyes fixed on the decision of the offseason. Because the King can do everything to stay in the East, as he has done all his career, or join the Western Conference. Much has been said about the San Antonio Spurs, but it seems that the Texas franchise is excluded from the short list of the Elect. The Ringer has just revealed the potential destinations of His Majesty.

Cleveland and the Lakers favorite

As expected, the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers are part of it. Koby Altman, GM of Ohio, has set the stage for all scenarios. The many trades of the deadline go in this direction. The team is rejuvenated, renewed, and a large selection of draft (that of Nets) will land except trade last minute. What prepares the post-LeBron more serenely than in 2010. The Los Angeles Lakers, they have never lost sight of their main target. To get rid of Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr offers the possibility to Magic to acquire two contracts max. The prestige and big market of the Lakers do not leave James insensitive, far from it. He even bought a huge villa recently in the City of Angels. We can think that in case of leaving for LA, he will be joined by another megastar like Paul George or DeMarcus Cousins.

Sixers and Rockets outsiders

Two other franchises were invited to the party. First, the Houston Rockets of his great friend Chris Paul. NBA leaders currently, however, Texans have little room for maneuver if they want to attract King James. Trevor Ariza and especially Clint Capela, both free agents, could be sacrificed. And when you know the contribution of the Swiss pivot, who can claim a very large contract, in the D’Antoni system, we can say that the Rockets will have to seriously rack their brains to replace him. While knowing that it will be necessary to prolong CP3, which had arrived last year via a trade. Here again, Bronny’s sponsor will have to be flexible in the negotiations.

Finally, and it’s the big rib, the Philadelphia Sixers have almost everything to dream of LeBron James. Their three billboards posted to woo # 23, like the movie “The Three Billboards” speak for them. For now, only Joel Embiid has a big contract in Pennsylvania. J.J Redick, who receives $ 20 million this season, will be out of contract. Financially, everything is ok. Sportingly, the Joel Embiid association, Ben Simmons, LeBron James and Markelle Fultz (if he finds his lost shoot somewhere between April and August 2017) has everything to scare the rest of the NBA, and especially to be the center of attention, what the king adores. Brett Brown, often decried during the tanking years, shows this season that he is not one of Gregg Popovich’s followers. The LeBron race is just beginning.

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