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Check Out Madden NFL 18 Update 1.13 Patch Notes

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Madden NFL 18 update 1.13 is currently accessible to download. The most recent fix for EA’s mainstream football game fixes one noteworthy bug that was affecting the game’s exchange meter in establishment mode. Players were not able to see input on exchanges, which made it hard to complete arrangements.

Read the Madden NFL 18 Update 1.13 Patch Notes Below:

Fixes Target Passing

  • Adds logic so only the intended receiver can catch passes.

While it is very little in this most recent fix, the last discharged Madden NFL 18 update 1.10 had a considerable measure of extra changes. Look at those fix notes underneath:


  • Added logic so that the Weak Box exploit manager does not trigger vs. AI-controlled opponents (penalty results in frequent pancake blocks by the offense)
  • Addressed an issue causing QBs with the Gunslinger Ability to throw touch passes instead of bullet passes
  • Addressed an issue that would occasionally prevent ball carriers from being tackled directly following a broken tackle animation
  • Addressed an issue causing defenders to occasionally give up on the play during some broken tackle animations
  • Addressed the jumping sideline catch animation that would often force players to land out of bounds
  • Added a fix to disable the 10-second runoff when the team that is winning takes a penalty with less than a minute left in the half or game
  • Added fixes to the aggressive pass rush to help ensure defenders have a chance to jump offsides no matter what formation the defense comes out in (including Nickel 3-3-5)

Developer Note: The Weak Box abuse administrator was acquainted for the current year with urge players to better match the hostile workforce on the field when attempting to guard the run, particularly substantial run sets with at least eight-run blockers inside the fishing supply container. Because of a ton of important input from our players, we found the AI could get hit by this incidentally which was never the plan of the adventure director. The new rationale will keep it from happening when playing AI rivals pushing ahead.

Madden NFL 18 update 1.13 Is Available.


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