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Marc Gasol tired of losing to Memphis? Pau sells the wick

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According to his big brother Pau, Marc Gasol would start to live badly the impressive descent to the hell of Memphis Grizzlies.

The Memphis Grizzlies never stop falling to the bottom of the NBA standings. Along agony that remains in anonymity. However, that would start to weigh on the morale of Marc Gasol.

The franchise player tastes very little recent results of his team. Used to play the playoffs for several seasons, he is now in the middle of a squad that stacks defeat (13 in a row). An unexpected situation at the start.

“Of course, he’s pissed off. It must be, any competitor would be. It’s a good sign, it shows that it’s a leader. He gives everything and does not give up, “reveals his brother Pau.

The injuries of Mike Conley and the eternal absent Chandler Parsons have poisoned the Memphis season. At age 33, Gasol may wonder if his future is still written in Tennessee.

“Marc enjoyed his years in the franchise. They have had good teams and have always been competitive. Currently, they are going through a period of change, with questionable decisions taken over them, “observes Pau. “It’s been a difficult year. Of course, Marc is a great professional. It annoys him but he knows he has to keep playing. “

If he tries to round off the angles on the end, the pivot Spurs still leave some doubt about the future of his little brother. Marc Gasol seems to want to evolve again in a winning team. Memphis is likely to have a hard time proposing a project up to it. A departure next summer would surprise no one.

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