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Metal Gear Survive Update 1.05 Patch Notes

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Metal Gear Survive update 1.05 is presently accessible to download. It includes new helpful protect missions to the survival games. It additionally includes “controller customization highlights, and another arrangement to “Base Camp Dig” notwithstanding balance changes.

Metal Gear Survive update 1.05 patch notes

NEW CO-OP Rescue Missions.

The target of Rescue Missions is to empty Charon Corps survivors who have disappeared in the wake of coming up short a Salvage Mission. Make utilization of the territory and additionally your Interceptor and Defense units to secure a protected escape course, while upsetting crowds of adversaries.

Rescue Mission Event:

“The Captive Ferrymen.” Play the event to earn standard CO-OP rewards as well as Battle Points which will unlock other rewards as you accumulate more Battle Points.

Other content updates:


  • Added controller customization features
  • Speeding up the digging of the Wormhole Digger will be reflected on the personal score
  • Added new plan to Base Camp Dig
  • Added enhancement items for weapons and gears (Legendary)
  • Bug fixes and game balance changes

Metal Gear Survive brief Review:

There’s something about Survive that keeps me needing to return to it. It enables me to encounter the mind-boggling gameplay of Metal Gear Solid V in another and one of a kind way, and that in of itself is a remarkable draw. Toss in an extremely strong gameplay circle that takes The Phantom Pain’s creating and gathering to the following level, and it’s a game that will keep on eating up a mess of my chance. Of course, a ton of it is because of it working off such an awesome system, however, few games can coordinate it on a mechanical level.

The individuals who can acknowledge Metal Gear Survive for what it is will discover a standout amongst the most enamoring survival games in late memory. It’s an unbelievably unforgiving background, which can be impeding on occasion, yet one that at last feels satisfying. Konami has taken the arrangement in yet another new bearing, yet one that additionally feels in accordance with a great deal of the arrangement’s past. It’s still particularly a Metal Gear game down to its story, which may be more out there than some of Kojima’s own, regardless of whether it doesn’t exactly coordinate them narratively. Grasp the depressingness of reality and just endeavor to survive.

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