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NBA looks into charges against Mark Cuban

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In 2011, Mark Cuban faced charges of sexual assault from a young woman. If justice did not follow up at the time, the NBA is very interested in this story.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that a young woman had been charged with sexual assault on Mark Cuban in 2011. The District Attorney in Portland, where the incident occurred, did not consider it appropriate to follow up this case. The NBA, on the other hand, seems determined to know more.

The league announced Thursday that it would look at the complaint of the alleged victim and the testimonies collected by the police at the time. A precaution probably caused by the very bad publicity brought by the Sports Illustrated survey on the treatment suffered by several employees of the Dallas Mavericks headquarters.

In the Cuban case, the plaintiff maintains her version of the facts, where the businessman assures that he was simply drunk and had no inappropriate behavior.

“While they were posing, Mark Cuban put his hand on the back of his pants and entered his vagina with his finger.The complainant says she waited a week before reporting the incident to the authorities. continues to claim that what Cuban did at that moment was 100% inappropriate, “says The Willamette Week.

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