Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Songbook Locations

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One of the trophies in Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom will make them chase down Songbook Pages, an extraordinary thing in the game. You just need to discover 30 of them for the Music Buff trophy, however, we’ve assembled each of the 31 in our Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Songbook areas manage. I prescribe beginning the chase for these in the wake of beginning Chapter 7. You’ll access a carrier that will enable you to go essentially anyplace on the world guide, making chasing for the Songbook Pages substantially less demanding.

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Songbook Locations Guide:

  • Songbook Page No. 1: Reward for completing Side Quest 048
  • Songbook Page No. 2: Reward for completing Side Quest 161
  • Songbook Page No. 3: In a locked chest in Nogo Plateau, just north of the Rolling Hills on the world map. You will need the Lockpicking spell
  • Songbook Page No. 4: In a chest on Starboard Isle, on the world map just behind a tainted monster. You will have to use the ship or airship to get there
  • Songbook Page No. 5: In a chest in Upheer Plain, on the world map. You will have to use the airship to get there.
  • Songbook Page No. 6: Reward for completing Side Quest 170
  • Songbook Page No. 7: Reward for completing Side Quest 034
  • Songbook Page No. 8: Reward for completing Side Quest 062
  • Songbook Page No. 9: Reward for completing Side Quest 092
  • Songbook Page No. 10: Reward for completing Side Quest 152
  • Songbook Page No. 11: Reward for completing Side Quest 129
  • Songbook Page No. 12: In a chest in the Old Well in Ding Dong Dell, near the Slums Entrance
  • Songbook Page No. 13: In a chest in Cloudcoil Canyon
  • Songbook Page No. 14: In a chest in the Forest of Niall, inside the Hard Woods portion of the map
  • Songbook Page No. 15: In a chest in the Abyss, on the 3000 Fathoms Deep section of the map
  • Songbook Page No. 16: In a chest in Broadleaf, check Dynafloor No. 3 for this one
  • Songbook Page No. 17: Reward for completing Side Quest 168
  • Songbook Page No. 18: In a locked chest in the northeastern part of the Ruby Ruins, on the world map. You will need the Lockpicking spell
  • Songbook Page No. 19: Found in a chest in Snaketooth Ridge, on the world map
  • Songbook Page No. 20: Defeat Tainted Monster 27, Skyrch
  • Songbook Page No. 21: Defeat Tainted Monster 30, Swellhorn
  • Songbook Page No. 22: Defeat Tainted Monster 48, Starless Knight
  • Songbook Page No. 23: Defeat Tainted Monster 49, Ziggy
  • Songbook Page No. 24: You will have to purchase this one for 5000 Guilders to complete Side Quest 106.
  • Songbook Page No. 25: Reward for completing Side Quest 144
  • Songbook Page No. 26: Reward for completing Side Quest 164
  • Songbook Page No. 27: Reward for completing Side Quest 060
  • Songbook Page No. 28: Reward for completing Side Quest 155
  • Songbook Page No. 29: Reward for completing Side Quest 066
  • Songbook Page No. 30: Reward for completing Side Quest 087
  • Songbook Page No. 31: Reward for completing Side Quest 022

When you discover every one of them, the Music Buff trophy will be yours, and you will be one bit nearer to a platinum trophy. On the off chance that you need to know what the Songbook Pages can be utilized for, look at our guide on building the Symphonium. We likewise have an entire Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Building Guide that will enable you to get the kingdom of Evermore running ideally.



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