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NorthGard, RTS Viking is now Available On Steam

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Do you like the Vikings universe? The real-time strategy and management game developed by a Bordeaux studio named NorthGard, after a year of early-access, now available in final version on Steam for the pleasure of all!

NorthGard is surely one of the games, most expected by the various fans of RTS games, it is true that it approaches the idea of Settlers / Anno games, where your goal is to settle, then look after and manage a colony of villagers, Vikings here. But that’s not all, you’ll also manage the production of resources that fluctuate seasonally, and also expand the area of action of your northern village by sending scouts to explore the surrounding areas to discover new lands, ruins, forests or simply enemy villages. Indeed, each map is divided into several distinct areas in which you will have to fight to get it against hostile animals and monsters inspired by Norse mythology, or against other enemies Vikings who conquered the area for their own development!

Each worker is individually managed, which means that every lumberjack, farmer, miner, merchant, healer or warrior will have to be recruited and then assigned to a production building manually. This makes it possible to change your productions more or less easily depending on the season, because to take an example, in winter, your consumption of wood increases, as well as the consumption of food! So you have to adapt to these changes continuously during the game. And if you want to increase the number of your Vikings, you will have to build more houses, but you will still be limited in the number of buildings by zones. Thus, you will have to make choices that are both difficult and interesting to strategically build what you need!

NorthGard Trailer

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