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Omega Force is Planning to Work on Toukiden 3

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To recognize the twentieth commemoration of Omega Force, a unique show was as of late held. Amid the show, the Toukiden group uncovered that was a Warriors Orochi 4 discharging, as well as that an “amazement title” from the organization was likewise in progress.

After the changeover, Game Watch Impress addressed Omega Force mark pioneer Kenichi Ogasawara, who uncovered that after the mystery venture, the group is unquestionably keen on working another Toukiden title. “We haven’t reported another bundled title since Toukiden 2, however, we here at Omega Force are progressing on an alternate task,” said Ogasawara (through Siliconera). “When we’re finished with that, I’d get a kick out of the chance to take a shot at another one [Toukiden] so please hold up somewhat more!”

here’s what Koei Tecmo says about Toukiden 2: Free Alliances Version:

To help repulse the disastrous forces of evil presences known as Oni, players of Toukiden 2: Free Alliances Version can go up against Group Missions offered at the Command Center. There, players will visit different Ages to kill the tremendous monsters with up to four different sidekicks from over the globe. For players of the Free Alliances Version of Toukiden 2, every mission has a Stamina Cost related, and before wandering out into the Ages the player must guarantee they have the proper measure of Stamina required to take an interest.

Stamina is a key piece of Toukiden 2: Free Alliances Version, as it enables players to investigate and complete missions in the encompassing territories of Maharoba Village. Every player begins with a Stamina Level of 3, and every unit of Stamina requires eight ongoing hours to recharge. To jump straight again into the action without the pause, players can spend Gems available at the Slayer’s Headquarters (by means of the PlayStation Store). Not exclusively would gems be able to recoup Stamina to its greatest esteem, yet they can likewise be utilized to build the Stamina Level to a most extreme of 8. Additionally, redesigns are likewise conceivable to the Equipment and Material Chests which take into consideration a wealth of things to be put away, and additionally the capacity to draw Mitama Tickets. These tickets are utilized to get the souls of fallen saints which give new battle conceivable outcomes when connected to covering and weaponry.

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