The Overwatch Update 2.34 Patch Notes

The Overwatch Update 2.34 Patch Notes

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The Overwatch update 2.34 is now available for download. The patch brings many of balance settings. Characters like Doomfist, Mei and Sombra have all been pinched, Blizzard World has succumbed several changes.

Check out the following overwatch update 2.34 patch notes:

Hero updates:

  • Doomfist

Hand Canon

Ammo recover ratio augmented from 0.8 seconds to 0.65 seconds per slug

Developer Remark: This improvement will assist Doomfist more regularly to be able to use his weapon as a part of his combos.

  • Mei

Endothermic blaster

Freeze (slow) period, Augmented by 0.5 second (before:1 ; After:1.5)

Weapon alternative fire ammo cost decreased from 25 to 20

Developer Remark: Augmenting Mei’s slow period helps her freeze target that are especially shifty like Genj or Lùcio.

Dropping her alternative fire Ammo cost allows her to use it more safely without costing her the ability to freeze enemies.

  • Sombra


No more blocked by small objects


No more gains ultimate charge from health pack healing

Cost time reduced from 0.8 seconds to 0.65 seconds

Now disables the following abilities:

Genji: Cyber agility

Hanzo: Wall climb

Pharoh: Hoverjets

Lùcio: Healing boost, speed boost, and Wallride

Mercy: Angelic descent

  • Machine Pistol 

Machine pistol speed reduced from 3 to 2.7

  • Opportunist

The health bars of enemy becomes visible when it drops below 100%

The ability to detect enemies unchanged

  • Translocator

The duration increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds

Developer Remark: The goal behind the overwatch update 2.34 is to get her ultimate charged up quickly Which, will now come up often formerly. Opportunist is activated only if enemy’s health bar dipped below 50%, but, now it will reveal all damaged enemies which should help Sombra identify her enemies. Overall the Overwatch update 2.34 should make her more effective and last reliant on her ultimate.

Map Update


Some health pack sizes have been reduced.

Some health pack locations have been changed.

Additional health packs have been added.

Developer Remark: Health packs are a valuable resource in the overwatch update 2.34 it is considered a holding ground on defense or keeping up momentum on offense in order to improve gameplay on BLIZZARD WORLD 

 User Interface Updates

Mercy: No more shows enemies’ health bars unless they have taken damage

Developer Remark: This help remove some clutter from Mercy players’ screens when they use her ultimate.



  • Fixed a bug that prevented Capturing the Flag statistics from displaying on the Career Profile.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented announcement voice lines from triggering on Blizzard World.

Overwatch update 2.34 available now.

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