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Latest Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Trailer

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Atlus simply put out another trailer for their up and coming musicality game Persona 5 Dancing Star Night. The moment long video centers around one of the amusement’s characters: the lovable Morgana. Give the video a watch to see exactly how the mascot gets down when he’s not being a Phantom Thief and taking the hearts of others. Persona 5 Dancing Star Night will discharge May 24, 2018, in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Morgana trailer below:

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night tracklist below:

  • Rivers in the Desert
  • Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Jazztronik Remix)
  • Keeper of Lust
  • Blooming Villain (Atlus Konishi Remix)
  • Hoshi to Bokura to (Tofubeats Remix)
  • Tokyo Daylight (Atlus Kozuka Remix)
  • Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
  • Rivers in the Desert (Mito Remix)
  • Blooming of Villain
  • Life Goes On
  • Price
  • Whims of Fate (Yukihiro Fuktomi Remix)
  • Beneath the Mask (KAIEN Remix)
  • Will Power (Shacho Remix)
  • Last Surprise (Taku Takahashi Remix)
  • Haha no Ita Hibi (Atlus Kitajoh Remix)
  • Life Will Change (Atlus Meguro Remix)
  • Jaldabaoth~Our Beginning
  • Last Surprise
  • Life Will Change
  • One Nightbreak
  • Rivers in the Desert (Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb2017)
  • Hoshi to Bokura to
  • Last Surprise (Jazztronik Remix)

May 24, 2018, is the release date of Persona 5 Dancing Star Night in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.


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