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Now You Can Play Far Cry 5 Campaign Offline

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Playing games online can be charged sometimes that’s why many people quit playing games that require the internet connection, but, there is always a solution Ubisoft has confirmed that Far Cry 5 campaign can be playable offline.

Far Cry 5 Campaign Trailer

The studio uncovered this data to GameSpot amid a current meeting, in which it additionally talked about the game’s microtransactions. As we as of late revealed, these microtransactions will be similar to the Time Saver Packs that Ubisoft has beforehand advertised. As it were, you can open the things by playing the game however in the event that you’re not inspired by crushing, you can basically buy them. As per GameSpot, just restorative things will be accessible for buy and they won’t have any effect on gameplay.
“We’ve set the game up to be liberal,” said Executive Producer Dan Hay. “We’ve set the game up so nothing is bolted away. You can go out and investigate, and the game will remunerate you for your investigation.”
Ubisoft has also released a new live action trailer for the game, which you can check out Above.

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