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BATTLEGROUNDS: 65 Skins Arms Indites Have Been Mined!

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After enjoying a slight lull, the developers of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS seem to have resumed the hair of the beast and want to offer a lot of new content in the coming weeks.

Indeed, the roadmap unveiled a few days ago, announces many new features for the title of Bluehole. After working hard in recent months to build a sound and solid foundation for a realistic Royal Battle experience, developers plan to continue building on these foundations to fine-tune some of their features, while still providing more content.

Two new maps have been announced, a small tropical island allowing fast and intense parts, and another, in the Adriatic region, which should take again the more conventional formats of Miramar and Erangel, but by proposing a new biome. The latest rumors, moreover, imply that part of this second card could potentially be snow. In addition to these cards, a system of emotes, new modes of games, vehicles, and weapons are also on the program. Wishing to allow its players new possibilities in terms of customization, PUBG Corp. announced that further personalization of the characters, but also skins for parachutes and weapons, would also be added in the future.

Regarding weapons, the latest updates have delighted the rather active community of data miners. Some of these users have examined and snooped through the files made available and have found many occurrences referring to new skins for weapons on PUBG. The Skin-Tracker site was also able to list the 65 skins discovered. Several sets of weapons seem to stand out:

  • Silver Plate – 13 weapons.
  • Gold Plate – 10 weapons.
  • Trifecta – 2 weapons.
  • Desert Digital – 13 weapons – refer to Miramar.
  • Jungle Digital – 13 weapons – refer to the tropical island.
  • Snow Digital – 9 weapons – refer to the Adriatic map.

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