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The last day of PlayStation Plus free Games for February

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Today is the final day the while PlayStation Plus free games. Subscribers still have the capacity to reclaim the February PlayStation Plus Games. The free games of February will leave on March 6. Which implies that players still have sufficient term to reclaim games like Knack, Grand Kingdom, Spelunker HD, Mugen Souls Z, Exiles End, and then some.

Obviously, there will be new PlayStation Plus Games set up for it. New extensions to line-up in February contains Ratchet and Clank, Bloodborne, Legend of Kay, Claire: Extended Cut, and other games. It’s certainly a strong month for all PlayStation proprietors. For additional information on the up and coming games, you can check out our last review of PlayStation plus here

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List Of PlayStation Plus free Games that will be released next week in Both North America & Europe:





The list of PlayStation Plus Free games above will be accessible only next week.

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