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Rocket League New Event would be Spring Fever Next Week

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Psyonix uncovered today that the following in-game occasion for Rocket League would spring Fever, and it will begin one week from now. As per the designers, Spring Fever will accompany a shiny new carton that can be gotten as a drop or obtained with ‘Blossoms’ that you gain in the game. The occasion starts on Monday at 10 am PDT and goes through April 9, 5 pm PDT.

Nearby the Spring Fever Crates will be the expansion of 10 new things, and obviously, these will spring themed. Keeping in mind the end goal to acquire the things, you’ll need to just play the game, as gaining in-game cash for Rocket League by and large isn’t exceptionally extreme. With the occasion enduring about an entire month, players shouldn’t have particularly inconvenience bouncing in and opening some new alterations to their autos.

check out the complete Rocket League update 1.42 patch notes below:


DC Super Heroes DLC

  • The DC Super Heroes DLC Pack is now available on all platforms

    • Battle-Cars

      • 89 Batmobile

      • The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler

    • Rocket Boost

      • Speed Force

    • Decals

      • Aquaman (Breakout)

      • Batman (Paladin)

      • Cyborg (Roadhog)

      • Flash (Venom)

      • Green Arrow (Hotshot)

      • Green Lantern (Merc)

      • Superman (Octane)

      • Wonder Woman (X-Devil)

    • Player Banners

      • Aquaman

      • Batman

      • DC

      • Cybor

      • Flash

      • Green Arrow

      • Green Lantern

      • Superman

      • Wonder Woman

    • Wheels

      • Flash

      • Wonder Woman


Spectator Mode

  • Spectators can now chat during matches

Competitive Season 6 Rewards

  • The appearance of the Season 6 – Diamond Reward Wheels has been updated



  • Fixed a bug preventing players from being able to change Presets in the Endgame screen between matches

  • Division/Rank Up/Down animations now successfully display on the Endgame screen

  • Adjusted Xbox 360 controller vibration

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