SEA OF THIEVES: The Quest Of the Golden Banana

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The British studio Rare and Microsoft publisher in the coming days will launch a global and exceptional quest in The Sea of Thieves Game that will allow a team of four members to win a banana diet in 18-carat gold …

Starting Monday, March 19th, a few hours before the official release of Sea of Thieves, Rare will allow you to participate in an exceptional event with three of your friends to try to solve various puzzles leading you on the trail of a strange and precious treasure.

This fantastic quest will begin at 8 pm and continue for the next 72 hours, during which 15 different puzzles will be solved. Participating players from eligible countries (United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany and Australia) will be able to enter answers to these puzzles on Wednesday, March 21 at 9 pm on a website created on the occasion: The teams will have seven hours to submit their different answers. The first team from each country to fill in the correct answers will automatically be qualified for semi-finals, which will take place on March 22, during which a final riddle will be proposed.

The 15 enigmas of this event, called “The Quest”, will focus on various real-life locations including Berlin in Germany, Sydney in Australia, Paris in France, Victoria in Canada, Florida in the United States and London in the United Kingdom. However, if, for various reasons, you do not have time to think of traveling around the world, rest assured that most answers to the riddles can be found by digital means.

If you are a treasure hunter and would like to participate in this adventure, we invite you to visit According to the official press release, this site will be the best place to find all the riddles as they become available, but the social networks of Rare and Xbox will also share some information.

Aaron Greenberg, general marketing director of games at Microsoft, said the following about the event:

“We will be extremely excited to officially launch Sea of Thieves on March 20th on Xbox One and Windows 10, and what better way than to enter this hacker mindset with The Quest.”

Reminder: Sea of Thieves will be launched on March 20 on Xbox One and PC and will be compatible with the Xbox Play Anywhere program. This means that if you buy it digitally on Xbox One, you will automatically get the free version for PC and vice versa. Backups and successes will then change platform.


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