Sea Of Thieves Proposes a “DAY ONE PATCH”

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A publication that seems to have attracted Rare’s attention, as a new item, called “Day One Patch”, was spotted in the Sea of Thieves clothing store. Of course, this does not refer to a first update for the title of Rare, but to a black eye patch on which is inscribed the number one, accompanied by the description “A message in a bottle from Jolly Jefabell failed. Eyepatch manufacturers have read it and say “aye”. ”

Here is another example that proves, once again, that Rare appreciates and encourages the community to submit any ideas. The studio does not hesitate to highlight its players directly in the game, as they have already begun to do by paying tribute to past exploits and performances of the first pirates.

The British studio Rare, also, announced during an AMA session held this weekend on Reddit, he would not share a roadmap on features and content to come in the long term, preferring to maintain some mystery.

When the question was asked about watching the players be kept up-to-date on the upcoming news over the next 12 months, Joe Neate, the executive producer, said the studio will only cover a few months, so as to keep some secret features. This position will also allow Rare to be much more reactive on the various returns made by the community.

Neate also announces that “things will change as Sea of Thieves evolves. We want to take our time before revealing certain features and features so that players really understand the meaning of these different additions. ”

As a reminder, Sea of Thieves will be launched on March 20 at midnight on Xbox One and PC and will be compatible with the Xbox Play Anywhere program. This means that if you buy it digitally on Xbox One, you will automatically get the free version for PC and vice versa. Backups and successes will then change platform.


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