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State Of Decay 2 Reveals 25 Minutes Of 4-Player Co-op

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While the release of the title of Undead Labs is scheduled for May 22, State of Decay 2 allows, despite everything, a small public release with a video of 25 minutes presenting the multiplayer cooperation part to four, which will be offered to players when it is published.

After this Thursday, the teams of Microsoft Studios and Undead Labs have unveiled the price and the date of official release of the title, this time, it is the turn of the US site IGN to disclose new information on this survival game. Indeed, teams from the US site have released a 25-minute video featuring a four-player multiplayer mode.

In the video, we find in particular an important highlight of the clashes against zombies that will be offered to players by State of Decay 2, at least for the multiplayer game. You can also discover in more detail the global environment of the game, as well as some aspects of survival such as the looting of cars and buildings, the search for equipment, the apprehension of various dangers that can be hidden during the day. but also at night and even driving vehicles.

Check out State Of Decay 2 Trailer

After the release of this video, Undead Labs studio crews said the game would include more survival elements than those presented during those 25 minutes. In particular, it should be possible to build bases, advance one’s character, and collect and manage a number of resources. In addition, they explained that new features would be presented throughout the evolution of the game, and until its release.

Although with two months in front of them, developers could change many things in their title, these 25 minutes of gameplay still leave us a great overview of what the game might look like when it was released. As a reminder, State of Decay 2 will be released on May 22 on PC and Xbox One.

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