Stephen Curry, The first Player in NBA a little more in history

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Stephen Curry became the first player in NBA history to make six seasons in a row with at least 200 three-pointers.

The NBA has never known a shooter as prolific as S.Curry. His career is far from over but the double MVP is already perceived by many as the best sniper in history. And while waiting to make the final accounts, he continues to accumulate records. He has again appropriated another by scoring four shots against the Atlanta Hawks. The star of the Golden State Warriors became the only player to chain six seasons in a row with at least 200 three-pointers on the clock.

The three-point record of Stephen Curry:

A club that Klay Thompson will also be joining soon. The All-Star rear is currently at 196 award-winning shots. Stephen Curry holds other records. He scored the most points in a season (402). A monster of address.

Why Stephen Curry is the best shooter in history:

“He put 7 three-pointers and I do not know if there was one that was not contested. The only thing to do is to take our hat off to a guy who puts such shoots and who can do it in our league. He is the best shooter in the NBA. The tribute is signed by LeBron James and has something to give Stephen Curry, his opponent in the NBA finals, confidence. With Golden State, MVP leader is more than a game of the title (possibly Tuesday night) against Cleveland and accuracy in long distance shots is not for nothing. So much so that some even see in him, at 27, the best shooter in history. In front of legends like Steve Nash, Ray Allen or Reggie Miller.

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