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The strange management of Jeff Green’s injury in Cleveland

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The management of the physical condition of Jeff Green is astonishing. The player engages in activities normally not recommended for an injured person.

A few days after J.R Smith’s soup bowl incident, the Cleveland Cavaliers are once again talking about them. This time, the management of Jeff Green’s injury leaves him slightly puzzled.

The versatile winger remains always far from the floor, the fault of a back injury. So far, nothing very alarming. Except that the player does not give the impression to take all the precautions.

If you’re one of the 35.8 million LeBron James Instagram account subscribers, you could see the King having fun on a roller skating night. In the many videos published, we see Green participate in it.

A risky activity, the player (still convalescent) could be injured in case of a fall. The franchise first contacted the local press, conceding that this exit was not ideal. She then corrected the shots at our colleagues at ESPN, ensuring that they were not worried.

Jeff Green happily did not do badly during this roller skating evening. By cons, it is still unavailable for the Cavaliers.

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